Willamette Valley Baptist Church

Title Date Service Preacher
Missions Conference PM2011/10/02Sunday PMDr. Paisley
The Devices of Satan: Pride2011/10/05WednesdayPastor Donley
I am the Bread of Life 12011/10/09Sunday AMPastor Donley
In Him2011/10/09Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Devices of Satan: An Unforgiving Spirit2011/10/12WednesdayPastor Donley
His Message is Our Message2011/10/23Sunday AMPastor Donley
Look Up2011/10/23Sunday PMPastor Donley
Missions Conference AM2011/10/02Sunday AMDr. Paisley
Backtrackers, Believers, & Betrayers2011/10/30Sunday AMPastor Donley
I am the Bread of Life 22011/10/16Sunday AMPastor Donley
Exposing the Lies: Ceremonialism, Mysticism, & Legalism2011/10/16Sunday PMPastor Donley
he Devices of Satan: Discouragement2011/10/19WednesdayPastor Donley
Prayer2011/11/06Sunday PMBro. Terrazas
That a Man Lay Down His Life for a Friend2011/11/13Sunday AMBro. Hanson
A Call to Arms2011/11/13Sunday PMBro. Hanson
Spiritual Warfare: The Believer's Resources2011/11/16WednesdayPastor Donley
On Assighnment2011/11/20Sunday AMPastor Donley
3 Ways to Trust in the Lord2011/11/20PM (Teen Takeover)Jonny Donley
Let Your Light So Shine2011/11/20PM (Teen Takeover)Josiah Gerbitz
How to Have a Great Prayer Life2011/11/20PM (Teen Takeover)Nathan Donley
The Lord's Supper2011/11/22WednesdayPastor Donley
What Are You Wearing Christian2011/11/27Sunday PMPastor Donley
Go and Sin No More2011/11/27Sunday AMPastor Donley
Be Not Like Your Fathers2011/11/30WednesdayBro. Tim Trieber
Devices of Satan: Accusation2011/11/02WednesdayPastor Donley
On Assignment from God2011/11/06Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Light of Life2011/12/04Sunday AMPastor Donley
What Your Wearing Does Make a Difference2011/12/04Sunday PMPastor Donley
A Call to Discipleship2011/12/11Sunday AMPastor Donley
What You Are Wearing Does Make a Difference: In the Home2011/12/11Sunday PMPastor Donley
Paternal Truth2011/12/18Sunday AMPastor Donley
What You Are Wearing Does Make a Difference: In the Workplace and in Our Social Life2011/12/18Sunday PMPastor Donley
Spiritual Warfare: Righteousness2011/12/21WednesdayPastor Donley
Breaking News!2011/12/25Sunday AMPastor Donley
Grace for the Pace: Lesson 12011/12/25Sunday SchoolPastor Donley
Spiritual Warfare: The Gospel Shoes2011/12/28WednesdayPastor Donley
We Are Laborers Together With God2012/01/01Sunday PMPastor Donley
Together With God2012/01/01Sunday AMPastor Donley
Our Need, God's Opportunity2012/01/08Sunday PMPastor Donley
Grace for the Pace: A Restoring Grace2012/01/08Sunday SchoolPastor Donley
The Acts of the Apostles2012/01/08Sunday AMPastor Donley
(Missionary to Russia)2012/01/11WednesdayBro. Adam Young
The Good Shepherd2012/01/15Sunday AMPastor Donley
God's Business, God's Way2012/01/15Sunday PMPastor Donley
Spiritual Warfare: The Helmet of Salvation2012/01/18WednesdayPastor Donley
John Series: My Sheep2012/01/22Sunday AMPastor Donley
Act Series: The Church Empowered2012/01/22Sunday PMPastor Donley
Spiritual Warfare: The Sword of the Spirit2012/01/25WednesdayPastor Donley
Religous, but Lost2012/01/29Sunday AMPastor Donley
Acts Series: The Church Engaged2012/01/29Sunday PMPastor Donley
Spiritual Warfare: The Christian's Resource - Prayer2012/02/01WednesdayPastor Donley
Acts Series: And They Continued - Part 12012/02/05Sunday PMPastor Donley
Spiritual Warfare: Victorious Christian Living2012/02/08WednesdayPastor Donley
Biblical Path to Spiritual Maturity2012/02/12Sunday AMPastor Donley
And They Continued - Part 22012/02/12Sunday PMPastor Donley
Prayer: Why Pray?2012/02/15WednesdayPastor Donley
A Life Given to God2012/02/19Sunday AMPastor Donley
Divine Appointments2012/02/19Sunday PMPastor Donley
Prayer: Why Pray? - Part 22012/02/22WednesdayPastor Donley
We Would See Jesus2012/02/26Sunday AMPastor Donley
Prayer: Why Pray? - Part 32012/02/29WednesdayPastor Donley
Children of Light Are Abiding in Darkness2012/03/05Sunday AMPastor Donley
Divine Appointments - Part 32012/03/05Sunday PMPastor Donley
A Lesson in Humility2012/03/11Sunday AMPastor Donley
Hinderences to Prayer - Part 12012/03/07WednesdayPastor Donley
The Distinguishing Mark of a Disciple2012/03/18Sunday AMPastor Donley
Guilty by Association2012/03/18Sunday PMPastor Donley
Why Stay When Egypt is Calling2012/03/21WednesdayBro. David Sibley
Together With God2012/03/25Sunday AMBro. Chuck Donley
Revival Meeting2012/03/25Sunday PMBro. Chuck Donley
Labourers Together With God2012/03/26Spring Revival-MondayPastor Mike Mutchler
Revival2012/03/27Spring Revival-TuesdayPastor Rick Adams
Living in Victory2012/03/28Spring Revival-WednesdayPastor Mark Smith
The Pitfall of Pride2012/04/01Sunday AMPastor Donley
Characteristics of the Empowered Church2012/04/01Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Lord's Table2012/04/08Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Cure for Heart Trouble2012/04/08Sunday AMPastor Donley
But Prayer Was Made2012/04/15Sunday AMBro. Stephen Benefield
The Harvest2012/04/15Sunday PMBro. Ron Winkler
Persistence in Prayer2012/04/18WednesdayPastor Donley
The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth2012/04/22Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Church is Purged2012/04/22Sunday PMPastor Donley
Go, Stand, Preach2012/04/29Sunday PMPastor Donley
Greater Works2012/04/29Sunday AMPastor Donley
Confidence in Prayer2012/05/02WednesdayPastor Donley
Obeying God Rather Than Men2012/05/06Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Comforter2012/05/06Sunday AMPastor Donley
Prayer & Fasting2012/05/09WednesdayPastor Donley
Without Me You Can Do Nothing2012/05/13Sunday AMPastor Donley
Beaten and Let Go2012/05/13Sunday PMPastor Donley
Prayer & Fasting Strong Holds2012/05/16WednesdayPastor Donley
Prayer & Fasting Part 22012/05/23WednesdayPastor Donley
Now is the Time2012/05/27Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Comforter2012/05/27Sunday AMPastor Donley
Hope2012/05/30WednesdayBro. Matt Gerbitz
From Proverbs to Plain Words2012/06/03Sunday AMPastor Donley
Selah2012/06/03Sunday PMBro. Jeremy Kobernat
Are These Things So2012/06/10Sunday PMPastor Donley
This is Life Eternal2012/06/10Sunday AMPastor Donley
Having A Greater Desire for God's Word2012/06/13WednesdayBro. David Sibley
Two Ways to Hide From the Father2012/06/17Sunday AMBro. Burkes
The Sin of Bitterness2012/06/17Sunday PMBro. Burkes
From Great Persecution to Great Joy2012/06/24Sunday PMPastor Donley
Mission Impossible2012/06/24Sunday AMPastor Donley
A Call to Prayer for Laborers2012/06/27WednesdayPastor Donley
Keep Your Heart2012/07/08Sunday PMBro. Chris Reed-WCBC
Profession but not Possession2012/07/01Sunday PMPastor Donley
I Pray for Them2012/07/08Sunday AMPastor Donley
His Window Being Opened2012/07/11WednesdayPastor Donley
And He Arose and Went2012/07/15Sunday PMPastor Donley
I Pray for Them2012/07/15Suunday AMPastor Donley
Praying Always for You2012/07/18WednesdayPastor Donley
And Judas Also2012/07/29Sunday AMPastor Donley
Say No to Ono2012/07/29Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Downfall of Peter2012/08/05Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Discipleship of Saul2012/08/05Sunday PMPastor Donley
What is Truth2012/08/12Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Great Commission2012/08/12Sunday PMMissionary Jonathan Ballou
Prayer2012/08/15WednesdayPastor Donley
Behold2012/08/19Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Testimony of Tabitha2012/08/19Sunday PMPastor Donley
Thy Will Be Done On Earth2012/08/22WednesdayRob Holmes
It is Finished2012/08/26Sunday AMPastor Donley
We Made Our Prayer Unto God2012/08/29WednesdayPastor Donley
The Home - Part 12012/09/02Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Home - Part 22012/09/02Sunday PMPastor Donley
Proverbs Series: Part 12012/09/05WednesdayPastor Donley
Ill Prepared2012/09/09Sunday AMPastor Donley
What If...2012/09/09Sunday PMPastor Donley
What Seek Ye? Come & See.2012/09/12WednesdayBro. Sibley
A Sign from the Savior2012/09/16Sunday AMPastor Donley
There Was a Certian Man2012/09/16Sunday PMPastor Donley
Proverbs Series: Part 22012/09/19WednesdayPastor Donley
Grace Giving2012/09/23Sunday AMPastor Donley
God is No Respecter of Persons2012/09/23Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Harvest is Plenteous, but the Labourers are Few2012/09/26Wednesday-Missions ConferenceBro. Caleb Benson
Mark 16:152012/09/27Thursday- Missions ConferenceBro. Lemmon
Luke 52012/09/28Friday-Missions ConferenceBro. Steve Koch
Ephesians 3:1-11, Jeremiah 3:192012/09/30Sunday AM-Missions ConferenceBro. Benjamin Park
Praying for Your Missionaries2012/09/30Sunday PM-Missions ConferenceBro. Kenny Keck
The Christian's Voters Guide2012/10/07Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Conclusion of Cornelius2012/10/07Sunday PMPastor Donley
Biblical Missions2012/10/10WednesdayMissionary David Sloan
Be Not Faithless, but Believing2012/10/14Sunday AMPastor Donley
Much Addition in Antioch2012/10/14Sunday PMPastor Donley
Unceasing Prayer2012/10/21Sunday PMPastor Donley
That Ye Might Believe2012/10/21Sunday AMPastor Donley
Proverbs Series: Part 3 2012/10/17WednesdayPastor Donley
A Wise Man Will Hear2012/10/24WednesdayPastor Donley
From Retreat to Restoration2012/10/28Sunday AMPastor Donley
Unto the Uttermost2012/10/28Sunday PMPastor Donley
Repentance Leads to Revival2012/11/04Sunday PMPastor Donley
Stewardship2012/11/04Sunday AMBro. Vallier
The Rainbow-God's Sermon in the Sky2012/11/07WednesdayBro. Bob Preston
The Oppositions of Satan2012/11/11Sunday PMPastor Donley
Essentials of a Good Soldie2012/11/11Sunday AMPastor Donley
Proverbs Series: Beginning of Knowledge2012/11/14WednesdayPastor Donley
Last Days Praise2012/11/18Sunday AMPastor Donley
Paul at Antioch of Pisidia2012/11/18Sunday PMPastor Donley
Lord's Table2012/11/20Thanksgiving ServicePastor Donley
Last Days: Preaching2012/11/25Sunday AMPastor Donley
Courage2012/11/25Teen TakeoverJosiah Gerbitz
It's Harvest Time2012/11/25Teen TakeoverNathan Donley
Trials to Treasures2012/11/25Teen TakeoverJon Donley
Last Days: Purging2012/12/02Sunday AMPastor Donley
Mission Accomplished2012/12/02Sunday PMPastor Donley
Time to Tie Your Shoes2012/12/05Wednesday-NWCIBro. Jeremy Kobernat
Be a Three2012/12/06Thursday-NWCIBro. Mike Ray
Last Days: Practically Preparing2012/12/09Sunday AMPastor Donley
Last Days: Purity2012/12/16Sunday AMPastor Donley
Be Avaliable Several Times to Say Here am I2012/12/16Sunday PMMissionary Fridenstine
Receiving the Gifts2012/12/19WednesdayPastor Donley
Last Days: Proclamation2012/12/23Sunday AMPastor Donley
Christmas Service2012/12/23Sunday PMPastor Donley
Last Days: Patience2012/12/30Sunday AMPastor Donley
Rooted in Christ Pt. 12012/12/30Sunday PMPastor Donley
I Pray for Them2012/07/22Sunday AMPastor Donley
Advercity at Antioch2013/01/06Sunday PMPastor Donley
Rooted in Christ Pt. 22013/01/06Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Lord Thy God in the Midst of Thee is Mighty2013/01/09WednesdaySteve Kluth of CLA
Rooted Is a Choice2013/01/13Sunday AMPastor Donley
Faith2013/01/13Sunday PMPastor Donley
Rooted in the Word2013/01/20Sunday AMPastor Donley
Run to the Strong Tower2013/01/20Sunday AMBro. Matt Gerbitz
A Constrain to Abstain2013/01/27Sunday PMPastor Donley
Rooted in the Church: Part 12013/01/27Sunday AMPastor Donley
A Lesson on Trust2013/01/30WednesdayPastor Donley
The Testimony of Timothy2013/02/03Sunday PMPastor Donley
Rooted in the Church: Part 22013/02/03Sunday AMPastor Donley
Honor2013/02/06WednesdayPastor Donley
The Testimony of Timothy: Part 22013/02/10Sunday PMPastor Donley
Rooted in the Church: Part 32013/02/10Sunday AMPastor Donley
Rooted in Trust2013/02/17Sunday AMPastor Donley
What to Do in You Midnight Hour2013/02/17Sunday AMPastor Donley
Chastening Hand of God2013/02/20WednesdayPastor Donley
Character of Christ2013/02/24Sunday AMPastor Donley
Matthew 16:20-212013/02/24Sunday PMMissionary Sehmish
Finding and Keeping Wisdom2013/02/27WednesdayPastor Donley
Character Trait of Christ: Mercy2013/03/03Sunday AMPastor Donley
Paul's 2nd missionary Journey: The Ssalonica/Berea2013/03/03Sunday PMPastor Donley
Character of Christ2013/03/10Sunday AMPastor Donley
Proverbs 3:32-352013/03/13WednesdayPastor Donley
Formula for Revival2013/03/17Spring Revival: Sunday AMDr. Lancaster
Get the Dirt Out2013/03/17Spring Revival: Sunday PMDr. Lancaster
Making Right Decisions2013/03/18Spring Revival: MondayDr. Lancaster
Loose Yourself2013/03/19Spring Revival: TuesdayDr. Lancaster
The Best is Yet to Come2013/03/20Spring Revival: WednesdayDr. Lancaster
Character of Christ: Humility2013/03/24Sunday AMPastor Donley
Lord's Table2013/03/24Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Risen Christ2013/03/31Sunday AMPastor Donley
Your Reaction Determines Your Action: Part 22013/03/31Sunday PMPastor Donley
Proverbs 4:1-92013/03/27WednesdayPastor Donley
Your Reaction Determines Your Action: Part 12013/03/10Sunday PMPastor Donley
An Answer to the Pharisees2013/04/03WednesdayBro. David Sibley
The Characters of Christ2013/04/07Sunday AMPastor Donley
Then Spake the Lord to Paul2013/04/07Sunday PMPastor Donley
Turn Your Eyes to Christ2013/04/10WedensdayBro. Kevin VanDyke
Character of Christ: Longsuffering2013/04/14Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Book of Acts2013/04/14Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Plea of the Father2013/04/17WednesdayPastor Donley
Reaching the World for Christ2013/04/21Sunday PMMissionary Pierce
The Characteristics of Christ2013/04/21Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Gospel2013/04/28Sunday AMPastor Donley
Why Have a Spanish Ministry2013/04/28Sunday PMPastor Sam Yant
Immorality: Part 22013/05/01WednesdayPastor Donley
Character of Christ: Charity2013/05/05Sunday AMPastor Donley
Lessons from a Mother2013/05/12Sunday AMPastor Donley
Continuing2013/05/15WednesdayBro. Matt Gerbitz
The Purpose2013/05/19Sunday AMPastor Donley
Revelation 3:14-222013/05/19Sunday PMBro Willy Negron
A Discription of God2013/05/26Sunday AMPastor Donley
He Went & Spake Boldly2013/05/26Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Boots that Keep Your Heart Right2013/05/29WednesdayBro. David Brown
Zephaniah 12013/05/05Sunday PMPastor Donley
Eyes Wide Open for the Unintended Targets2013/06/02Sunday PMBro Wonser
The Sluggard2013/06/05WednesdayPastor Donley
Having Fellowship with God2013/06/09Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Revival at Ephesus2013/06/09Sunday PMPastor Donley
A Picture, Position, & Plea2013/06/12WednesdayPastor Donley
A Father's Day Gift Like No Other: Part 12013/06/16Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Reason for the Ruckus2013/06/16Sunday PMPastor Donley
Grounded for Life2013/06/19Wednesday: Junior CampPastor Donley
Prepared to Meet God2013/06/23Sunday AMBro Sibley
A Passion for Prayer2013/06/23Sunday PM:WCBCBro Gary Spaeth
A Proud Look2013/06/26WednesdayPastor Donley
A Father's Day Gift Like No Other: Part 22013/06/30Sunday AMPastor Donley
A Winning Combination2013/06/30Sunday PMPastor Donley
A Father's Plea2013/07/03WedesdayPastor Donley
A Command to Sin Not2013/07/07Sunday AMPastor Donley
A Simple Man and a Strange Woman2013/07/10WednesdayPastor Donley
The Cleansing of the Savior2013/07/14Sunday AMPastor Donley
Lessons on Spiritual Leadership2013/07/14Sunday PMPastor Donley
Prayer2013/07/17WednesdayBro. Sode
Essentials for Discerning Lifes Direction2013/07/21Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Confidence of the Saved2013/07/21Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wisdom's Presistence2013/07/24WednesdayPastor Donley
What Things God Hath Brought2013/08/04Sunday PMPastor Donley
Fear Equals Hat2013/08/07WednesdayPastor Donley
Buy the Truth & Sell It Not2013/08/11Sunday PMPastor Donley
Stages of Spiritual Growth: Part 12013/08/11Sunday AMPastor Donley
Finding Life and Favor2013/08/14WednesdayPastor Donley
Stages of Spiritual Growth: Part 22013/08/18Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Measure of Man (Paul)2013/08/18Sunday PMPastor Donley
Sanctify the Lord Thy God in Your Yearts2013/08/21WednesdayBro. Rob Holm
Love Not2013/08/24Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Measure of the Man: Part 22013/08/24Sunday AMPastor Donley
Proverbs 9:1-122013/08/28WednesdayPastor Donley
Love not the World2013/09/01Sunday AMPastor Donley
Measure of a Man: Part 32013/09/01Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Roots of Worldlieness2013/09/08Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Lunch that Fed a Bunch2013/09/08Sunday PMMissionary Eric Neilsen
A Path to Parental Joy2013/09/11WednesdayPastor Donley
Past, Present, & Future2013/09/15Sunday AMPastor Donley
Proverbs 10:1-112013/09/18WednesdayPastor Donley
It is the Last Time2013/09/22Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Key to This Year's Missions Conference2013/09/22Sunday PMPastor Donley
Faith Promise Giving: Part 12013/09/25Missions Conference: WednesdayDr. James Kennard
Faith Promise Giving: Part 22013/09/26Missions Conference: ThursdayDr. James Kennard
Faith Promise Giving: Part 32013/09/27Missions Conference: FridayDr. James Kennard
Faith Promise Giving: Part 42013/09/29Missions Conference: Sunday AMDr. James Kennard
Faith Promise Giving: Part 52013/09/29Missions Conference: Sunday PMDr. James Kennard
Lady Wisdom, Woman Folly2013/09/04WednesdayPastor Donley
Jeremiah 1-32013/10/02WednesdayPastor Donley
The Lord Stood By Him2013/10/06Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Anointing of God2013/10/06Sunday AMPastor Donley
Exodus 172013/10/13Sunday PMBro. Jens Heiberg
Be Faithful2013/10/13Sunday AMBro. Matt Gerbitz
Proverbs 10:1-102013/10/16WednesdayPastor Donley
One Thing I Know2013/10/20Sunday AMPastor McKelroy
Acts 4:132013/10/20Sunday SchoolPastor McKelroy
Abide In Him2013/10/27Sunday AMPastor Donley
Guilty as Charged2013/10/27Sunday PMPastor Donley
Forgiveness2013/11/03Family Conference: Sunday AMPastor MacKay
Veterans Day Service2013/11/10Sunday AMBro Chuck Donley
The Harvest Truly is Plenteous, but the Labourers are Few2013/11/10Sunday PMBro Chuck Donley
Love Covereth All Sins2013/11/13WednesdayPastor Donley
The DNA of the Child of God2013/11/17Sunday AMPastor Donley
Isaiah 45:20-252013/11/17Sunday PMBro Clark Berryman
The Tabernacle2013/11/20WednesdayBro. Bob Preston
Confidence Toward God2013/11/24Sunday AMPastor Donley
No Middle Ground2013/12/01Sunday AMPastor Donley
Acts 24-262013/12/01Sunday PMPastor Donley
Why We Do What We Do2013/12/04Northwest Christian Invitational: ThursdayPastor Tim Ruhl
Why Do We Love2013/12/08Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Spiritual Weatherman2013/12/08Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Blessings of the Lord2013/12/11WednesdayPastor Donley
The Perfect God2013/12/15Sunday AMPastor Donley
Shake it Off2013/12/15Sunday PMPastor Donley
Christmas in a Nutshell2013/12/18WednesdayPastor Donley
Christmas in Scripture and Song2013/12/22Sunday PMPastor Donley
Christmas Eve Service2013/12/24Christmas Eve ServicePastor Donley
We Know2013/12/29Sunday AMPastor Donley
For This Cause2013/12/29Sunday PMPastor Donley
Striving Together2013/12/31Vision Night ServicePastor Donley
The Cause for Striving Together2014/01/05Sunday AMPastor Donley
Hearing the Voice of God2014/01/05Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Blessing, Fear, & Way of the Lord2014/01/08WednesdayPastor Donley
Purpose of Titus2014/01/12Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Means of Striving Together2014/01/12Sunday AMPastor Donley
Proverbs 11 - Morals and Integrity2014/01/15WednesdayPastor Donley
The Consistency of Striving Together2014/01/19Sunday AMPastor Donley
Biblical Qualifications of a Pastor2014/01/19Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Benefits of Rightousness2014/01/22WednesdayPastor Donley
No Fear in Striving Together2014/01/26Sunday AMPastor Donley
Purpose of the Qualifications of a Pastor2014/01/26Sunday PMPastor Donley
Proverbs 11:9 & 122014/01/29WednesdayPastor Donley
As the Steward of God2014/02/02Sunday PMPastor Donley
Separated unto the Gospel2014/02/02Sunday AMPastor Donley
Proverbs 11:222014/02/05WednesdayPastor Donley
A Christian Must Be a Useful Missionary2014/02/09Sunday AMMissionary McKittrick
Listen to the Spirit of God2014/02/12WednesdayPastor Donley
All the World May Become Guilty Before God2014/02/16Sunday AMPastor Donley
Steward of God2014/02/16Sunday PMPastor Donley
What Think Ye of Christ2014/02/23WednesdayPastor Donley
Counterfit Christianity2014/03/02Sunday AMPastor Donley
What Think Ye of Christ2014/03/02Sunday PMPastor Donley
Proverbs 12:19-11, 23-282014/03/05WednesdayPastor Donley
Counterfit Religion2014/03/09Sunday AMPastor Donley
Godly Men2014/03/09Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Allure of the Wicked2014/03/12WednesdayPastor Greg Boyle
Abiding Relationships2014/03/09Sunday PMPastor Greg Boyle
Praying in Accordance to the Word of God2014/03/09Sunday PMPastor Greg Boyle
Henderances to Prayer2014/03/18TuesdayPastor Greg Boyle
Not Quitting2014/03/19WednesdayPastor Donley
Take Knowledge of Them That Have Been With Jesus2014/03/23Sunday AMPastor Donley
Godly Women: Part 12014/03/23Sunday PMPastor Donley
What Highway are You On2014/03/26WednesdayPastor Donley
How We React to Life's Situations2014/04/02WednesdayPastor Donley
That Good Part2014/04/06Sunday AMPastor Donley
Godly Women: Part 22014/04/06Sunday PMPastor Donley
Proverbs 13:4-72014/04/09WednesdayPastor Donley
A Theology of Life2014/04/13Sunday AMPastor Donley
Lord's Table2014/04/13Sunday PMPastor Donley
Proverbs Series2014/04/16WednesdayPastor Donley
As He Said2014/04/20Sunday AMPastor Donley
Complete in Him2014/04/20Sunday PMBro. Lugo
Proverbs 13:1-12; 13-162014/04/23WednesdayPastor Donley
Purpose for Life2014/04/27Sunday PMBro. Jens Heiberg
When the Messengers Come2014/04/27Sunday AMBro. Matt Gerbitz
The Heart of the Book of Hebrews2014/04/30WednesdayBro. David Brown
Show and Tell Christianity2014/05/04Sunday AMPastor Donley
Proverbs 13:172014/05/07WednesdayPastor Donley
Unfeigned Faith2014/05/11Sunday AMPastor Donley
Ecclesiasties 122014/05/11Sunday PMBro Oxendine
Proverbs 13:192014/05/14WednesdayPastor Donley
Thus Speaketh the Lord2014/05/18Sunday PMPastor Donley
Titus: Young Men2014/05/18Sunday AMPastor Donley
Proverbs 13:20-222014/05/21WednesdayPastor Donley
Stirred Up2014/06/08Sunday AMPastor Donley
Put Them In Mind2014/06/08Sunday PMPastor Donley
Proverbs 13:142014/06/11WednesdayPastor Donley
The Came To Do Work2014/06/15Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Just Shall Live by Faith2014/08/24Sunday AMPastor Donley
08-24-2014 PM2014/08/24Sunday PMPastor Donley
Proverbs 15:21-242014/08/27WednesdayPastor Donley
We Have2014/08/31Sunday AMPastor Donley
Proverbs 15:25-332014/09/03WedensdayPastor Donley
Where Does Your Faith Stand?2014/09/07Sunday AMPastor Donley
Missionary Ferris2014/09/07Sunday PMMissionary Ferris
Proverbs 15:25-332014/09/10WednesdayPastor Donley
Getting Over the Wall2014/09/14Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Spirit Filled Life is a Faith Filled Life2014/09/21Sundy AMPastor Donley
His Will2014/09/21Sundy PMPastor Donley
For His Name Sake2014/09/24WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Night Sermon2014/09/28Sunday PMMissionary Lester
Marriage of Missions2014/09/24Sunday AMMissonary Daniel Coates
Proverbs 15:25-332014/10/01WednesdayPastor Donley
Perfect Peace2014/10/05Sunday PMPastor Donley
Prayer2014/10/12Sunday AMBro. Ryan Jiles
A Door is Made to Walk Through2014/10/19Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Way is Down2014/12/07Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday PM2014/12/07Sunday PMPastor Donley
I Saw the Lord: Part 12015/01/04Sunday AMPastor Donley
I Saw the Lord: Part 22015/01/11Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Alter2015/01/11Sunday PMPastor Donley
Unclean Lips2015/01/25Sunday PMPastor Donley
Helping Others Have a Clearer View of God2015/01/25Sunday AMPastor Donley
Proverbs 12015/01/28WednesdayPastor Donley
Isaiah's Purpose2015/02/01WednesdayPastor Donley
Biblical Friendships2015/02/04WednesdayPastor Donley
Boldness2015/02/08Sunday AMPastor Donley
Quenching Strife2015/02/11WednesdayPastor Donley
Christ and the Church2015/02/15Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/01/03Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2016/01/06WednesdayPastor Donley
Growing by Grace2016/01/10Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2016/01/10Sunday PMPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/01/24Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2016/01/24Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2016/01/27WednesdayPastor Donley
Romans 1:12016/01/31Sunday AMPastor Donley
Evangelism in the First Century Church-Matthew 42010/07/21WednesdayPastor Donley
(Missionary to Rwanda)2010/07/25Sunday PMBro Schoof
Spiritual Warfare: The Shield of Faith2012/01/04WednesdayPastor Donley
Missionary Russell, Sunday Night2015/12/13Sunday PMMissionary Russell
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#2015Pastor Donley
#2015Pastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Service2015/04/29WednesdayPastor Donley
Under the Sun2015/05/03Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Service2015/05/06WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Service2015/05/10Sunday AMPastor Donley
Renewing Our Roots: Part 22015/05/10Sunday PMPastor Donley
Childrens Sunday2015/05/17Sunday AMPastor Donley
Pure Religion2015/05/17Sunday EveningPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Service2015/05/20WednesdayPastor Donley
How Are You Handling Your Portion2015/05/24Sunday AMPastor Donley
Renewing Our Roots: Part 32015/05/24Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/05/27Sunday PMPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Service2015/05/30Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Service2015/05/31WednesdayBro. Clint Caviness
Wednesday Evening Service2015/06/03Wednesday Evening ServicePastor Donley
Better Living2015/06/07Wednesday Evening ServicePastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/06/07Sunday PMPastor Donley
Balanced Living2015/06/14Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2015/06/16WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Service2015/06/21SundayBro. Gelouson
Three "R"s2015/06/21Sunday PMBro Jellison
Wednesday Evening Sermon2015/06/24SundayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2015/06/28Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2015/07/01WednesdayPastor Donley
What I Can Do For My Country2015/07/05Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/07/05Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Morning Sermon2015/07/08WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2015/07/12Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/07/12Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Morning Sermon2015/07/15WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2015/0/19Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wednesday Sermon2015/07/22WednesdayPastor Donley
A Liing Dog is Better Than a Dead Lion2015/07/26Sunday AMPastor Donley
Jr. Camp Sermon2015/07/29WednesdayPastor Donley
Wisdom Is Better2015/08/02Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/08/02Sunday PMBro. Lemmon
Wednesday Service2015/08/05WednesdayPastor Donley
Keeping the Dead Flys Out of Your Life: Part 12015/08/09Sunday AMPastor Donley
Camp Service2015/08/09Sunday PMPastor Donley
Keepiing the Dead Flys Out of YOur Life: Part 22015/08/16Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/08/16Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Morning Service2015/08/18Wednesday Morning ServicePastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2015/08/23Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2015/08/26WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2015/08/30Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2015/08/30Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2015/09/02Wednesday Jens Heigberg
Sunday Morning Sermon2015/09/06Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2015/09/09WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Service2015/09/13Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/09/13Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2015/09/16WednesdayPastor Donley
Suday Morning Sermon2015/09/20Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wednesday Eveing Service2015/09/23WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Service2015/09/26Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/09/27Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Eveing Sermon2015/09/30WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Service2015/10/04Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Service2015/10/07WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Service2015/10/11Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/10/11Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Service2015/10/14WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Service2015/10/18Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/10/18Sunday PMPastor Donley
Monday Evening Sermon2015/10/19MondayPastor Donley
Tuesday Evening Sermon2015/10/20TuesdayPastor Donley
Wednesday2015/10/21WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Service2015/10/25Sunday PMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/10/25Sunday PMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/10/28Sunday PMPastor Donley
Find Rest Unto Thy Soul2015/11/01Sunday PMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/11/01Sunday PMPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Service2015/11/15Sunday AMPastor Donley
Renewing Our Roots: Part 92015/11/15Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2015/11/18WednesdayPastor Donley
Finding Rest in the Lord2015/11/22Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2015/11/22Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Lord's Table2015/11/24WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2015/11/29Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Service2015/11/29Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2015/12/02WednesdayPastor Donley
NWCI Thursday Service2015/12/03NWCI ThursdayBro. Williams
NWCI Service2015NWCI Friday ServiceBro. Williams
Finding Rest in the Lord: Part 42015/12/06Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2015/12/06Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Service2015/12/09WednesdayPastor Donley
Finding Rest in the Lord: Part 52015/12/13Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2015/12/13Sunday PMBro. Russell
Wednesday Evening Sermon2015/12/16WednesdayPastor Donley
On Earth Peace2015/12/20Sunday AMPastor Donley
Christmas Service2015/12/20Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2015/12/23WednesdayPastor Donley
Finding Rest in the Lord: Part 62015/12/27Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2015/12/27Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2015/12/30WednesdayPastor Donley
The Trails of Your Faith2016/02/07Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2016/02/07Sunday PMPastor Donley
Warnings2016/02/10WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/02/14Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2016/02/14Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2016/02/17WednesdayPastor Donley
Unfangled Love of the Brothren2016/02/21Sunday AMPastor Donley
Restoring Our Roots2016/02/21Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2016/02/24WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/02/28Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2016/03/02WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/03/06Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/03/13Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2016/03/13Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2016/03/16WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/03/20Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/03/20Sunday PMPastor Donley
Missions Conference Sermon2016/03/23WednesdayBro Lancaster
Missions Conference Sermon2016/03/24ThursdayBro Lancaster
Missions Conference Sermon2016/03/25FridayBro. Lancaster
Missions Conference2016/03/27Sunday AMBro. Lancaster
Wednesday Evening Sermon2016/03/30WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/04/03Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wednesday Eveing Sermon2016/04/06WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/04/10Sunday AMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2016/04/13WednesdayPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/04/17Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2016/04/17Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2016/04/20Sunday PMPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/04/24Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2016/04/24Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Sermon2016/10/19Wednesday Pastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/10/23Sunday AMBro Marshall
Sunday Evening Sermon2016/10/23Sunday PMBro Marshall
Sunday School Sermon2016/10/23Sunday Bro Marshall
Mark 12016/10/30Sunday AMPastor Donley
Nehemiah 12016/11/06Sunday PMPastor Donley
Sunday School2016/11/06Sunday
Sunday Morning Service2016/11/13Sunday AMBro Chuck Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2016/11/13Sunday PMBro Chuck Donley
Sermon2016/11/13Sunday Bro Chuck Donley
Sunday School Sermon2016/11/13Sunday Bro Chuck Donley
Repentance2016/11/16Wednesday Pastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/11/20Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2016/11/20Sunday PMBro Hamilton
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/11/27Sunday AMPastor Donley
How To Praise The Lord2016/11/27Sunday PMPastor Donley
Sermon2016/11/30The Man Eating LionBro Birdsong
Pastor Donley2016/11/30The Man Eating LionBro Birdsong
Sermon2016/12/01Dont Drop The BallBro Birdsong
Sunday Morning Service2016/12/04Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Sermon2016/12/04Sunday AMPastor Donley
Jesus2016/12/04Sunday PMBro Heiberg
Wednesday Evening Sermon2016/12/7WednesdayPastor Donley
The Christmas Story in Scripture and Song2016/12/11Sunday PMPastor Donley
You Can Have as Much as You Want2016/12/11Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Morning Serman2016/12/18Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sunday Evening Sermon2016/12/18Sunday PMPastor Donley
Its A Bad Thing When You Lose God2016/12/25Sunday PMBro Luke
Christmas Day2016/12/25Sunday AMPastor Donley
Christmas Day2016/12/25Sunday AMPastor
The Lords Supper2017/01/01Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Lords Supper2017/01/01Sunday AMPastor
Settled2017/01/01Sunday PMPastor Donley
Settled2017/01/01Sunday PMPastor
Testimony2017/01/11Wednesday Bro Luke
Testimony2017/01/11Wednesday BroLuke
2 Peter 2017/01/15Sunday AMPastor Donley
2 Peter 2017/01/15Sunday AMPastor
Whom Much Is Given2017/01/15Sunday PMPastor Donley
Repentance2017/01/18Wednesday Pastor Donley
Repentance2017/01/18Wednesday Pastor
Adding To Your Faith2017/01/22Sunday AMPastor Donley
Adding To Your Faith2017/01/22Sunday AMPastor
Sin Biblical Terms Of Evangelism2017/01/25Wednesday Pastor Donley
Settled2017/01/29Sunday AMPastor Donley
Settled On God2017/01/29Sunday PMPastor Donley
Biblical Terms Of Evangelism2017/02/01Wednesday Pastor
Add To Your Faith2017/02/05Sunday AMPastor Donley
Settled On God2017/02/05Sunday PMPastor Donley
Biblical Terms Of Evangelism2017/02/08Wednesday Pastor Donley
Settled On God2017/02/12Sunday PMPastor Donley
Graces Of God2017/02/12Sunday AMPastor Donley
Terms Of Repentance2017/02/15Wednesday Pastor Donley
Settled On God2017/02/19Sunday PMPastor Donley
Add Temprence To Your Faith2017/02/19Sunday AMPastor
Darkness2017/02/22Wednesday Bro Preston
To Give An Answer2017/02/26Sunday Bro Tomlinson
Looking Unto Jesus2017/02/26Sunday AMPastor
My Missions Trip2017/03/01Wednesday Pastor Donley
Sermon2017/03/05Am SetteldPastor
Settled On God2017/03/05Sunday PMPastor Donley
Is God Number 1 In Your Life2017/03/12Sunday AMPastor
Settled On God:Greatness Of God2017/03/12Sunday PMPastor Donley
Settled On God2017/03/12Sunday PMPastor Donley
Bad Recording2017/03/15Wednesday Pastor
Do Not Delay2017/03/19Sunday AMPastor
Wednesday Evening Service2017/03/22Wednesday Gods Law And Evangelism
2 Peter2017/03/26Sunday AMPastor
Seven Billion Reasons Why2017/03/26Sunday PMPastor Donley
Remedial Missions2017/03/29Wednesday Bro Lancaster
Missions Conference Day 22017/03/30Thursday PMDr. Lancaster
Missions Conference Day 32017/03/31Friday PMDr. Lancaster
Be Filled With The Spirit2017/04/02Sunday PMBro Lancaster
6 Mighty Motivations2017/04/02Sunday AMDr. Lancaster
Sermon2017/04/02Sunday Dr.lancaster
Technique In Evangelism2017/04/05Wednesday Pastor Donley
Fundamentals Of The Faith2017/04/09Sunday PMBro Burton
Sermon2017/04/09Sunday Bro.burton
When You Get To Know HIM2017/04/12Wednesday Dr Kennard
The Resurected Life2017/04/16Sunday PMPastor Donley
Easter Sunday2017/04/16Sunday AMPastor
Focus2017/04/19Wednesday Bro Luke Donley
These Things2017/04/23Sunday AMPastor Donley
Settled On God2017/04/23Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Fruit Of Spiritual Farming2017/04/26Wednesday Pastor Donley
Settled On God2017/04/30Sunday PMPastor Donley
Walking With God2017/04/30Sunday AMPastor
Luke 122017/05/07Sunday PMBro Benefield
Mothers Day2017/05/14Sunday AMBro Heiberg
GSBC2017/05/14Sunday PMBro Giovanelli
An Unchanging Home2017/05/21Sunday PMPastor Donley
Where Are You2017/05/24Wednesday Pastor Donley
Lot And Noah2017/05/28Sunday AMPastor
Destroying The High Places2017/05/31Wednesday Pastor Donley
Sunday Morning Service2017/06/04Sunday AMPastor
Count The Cost2017/06/04Sunday PMBro Collers
Compounding Distress2017/06/07Wednesday Pastor Donley
Sunday Morning Service2017/06/11Sunday AMPastor
Sunday Evening Service2017/06/11Sunday PMBro Sode
Wednesday Evening Service2017/06/15Thursday Bro Dave Brown
Reconciliation2017/06/18Sunday AMBro Donley
Sunday Evening Service2017/06/18Sunday PMBro Donley
Wednesday Evening Service2017/06/21Wednesday Bro Luke
Navajo2017/06/25Sunday AMPastor
Sunday Evening Service2017/06/25Sunday PMCrown College
Get On The Rope2017/06/28Wednesday Pastor
Go Ye2017/07/02Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Service2017/07/05Wednesday Church Of The Livng God
A Testimony That Pleased God2017/07/09Sunday PMPastor Donley
Commit2017/07/09Sunday AMPastor
But Our Sufficiency Is Of God2017/07/12Wednesday Pastor Donley
God Is Omniscient2017/07/16Sunday PMPastor Donley
Settled2017/07/16Sunday AMPastor
Brethren2017/07/23Sunday AMBro Heiberg
Is It In Youu2017/07/23Sunday PMBro Luke Donley
Jr Camp Meeting2017/07/26Wednesday Bro Heiberg
God Is True2017/07/30Sunday PMPastor Donley
2 Peter 32017/07/30Sunday AMPastor
Are You In The Race AMPastor
Job2017/08/02Wednesday Pastor Donley
God Is Truthful2017/08/06Sunday PMPastor Donley
2peter3 8 172017/08/06Sunday AMPastor
Daniel's Purpose2017/08/09Wednesday Bro Luke Donley
Growing Christian2017/08/13Sunday AMPastor
Get On The Rope2017/08/13Sunday PMPastor Donley
Dont Quit2017/08/16Wednesday Dr Dion
Open Your Mouth2017/08/20Sunday AMPastor
Church Is Great2017/08/20Sunday PMBro Nichols
Sermon2017/08/23What To Do When Our Heart Is OverwhelmedPastor Donley
God Is Faithfull2017/08/27Sunday PMPastor Donley
Are You In The Race2017/08/28Monday AMPastor
Forgotten Person Of The Trinity2017/08/30Wednesday Pastor Donley
Are We Settled2017/09/03Sunday AMPaster
The Sin Of Forgetfullness2017/09/03Sunday PMPastor Donley
Wednesday Evening Service2017/09/06Wednesday Bro Luke
Driffing Or Settled2017/09/10Sunday AMPastor
Make On League With The Inhabitants2017/09/10Sunday PMPastor
The Harvest Truly Is Plentious But The Laborers Few2017/09/17Sunday PMPastor Donley
Ye Are Complete In Him2017/09/17Sunday AMPastor
Be Strong And Of Good Courage2017/09/20Wednesday Bro Peil
How Avoid Burnout2017/09/24Sunday AMPastor Donley
How Long Halt Ye Between Two Opinions2017/09/24Sunday PMPastor Donley
Introduction To The Word Of God2017/09/27Wednesday Pastor Donley
A Saved Family2017/10/01Sunday AMPastor Donley
How Is Your Love2017/10/01Sunday PMBro Norris
Route 66 Genesis2017/10/04Wednesday Pastor Donley
The Secret Ingredient2017/10/08Sunday AMBro Caviness
Building Your Own Biblical Standards2017/10/08Sunday PMBro Caviness
Be Cheerful And Complimentary2017/10/08Sunday Bro Caviness
Route 66 Exodus2017/10/11Wednesday Pastor Donley
A Serving Family2017/10/15Sunday AMPastor Donley
Revival As A Way Of Life2017/10/15Sunday PMPastor Donley
Route 66 Leviticus Part 12017/10/18Wednesday Pastor Donley
Are You A Child Of God2017/10/22Sunday AMBro Lancaster
Following Hard After God2017/10/22Sunday PMBro Lancaster
How To Have Victory Over Sin2017/10/22Sunday Bro Lancaster
Listening And Hearing The Voice Of God2017/10/23Monday Bro Lancaster
Psalms 512017/10/24Tuesday Bro Lancaster
The Home2017/10/25Wednesday Bro Lancaster
The Difference Between Good And Godly2017/10/29Sunday AMPastor Donley
Continue2017/10/29Sunday PMPastor Donley
Route 66 Leviticus Part 22017/11/01Wednesday Pastor Donley
Are You Prepared To Meet God2017/11/05Sunday AMDr Bob Vallier
Take Forth The Precious From The Vile2017/11/05Sunday PMPastor Donley
Savings And Investments2017/11/05Sunday Dr Bob Vallier
The Veteran Christian2017/11/12Sunday AMPastor Donley
Greatful People2017/11/12Sunday PMPastor Donley
10 Times Better2017/11/15Wednesday Pastor Donley
Honour The Lord With Thy Substance2017/11/19Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Lord's Table2017/11/19Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Great Commission2017/11/19Sunday Bro Kenny Keck
But Where Are The Nine2017/11/21Tuesday Pastor Donley
Godliness With Contentment Is Great Gain2017/11/26Sunday AMPastor Donley
The Heart Of The Matter Is The Heart2017/11/26Sunday PMPastor Donley
Not A King The King2017/11/29Wednesday Pastor Tom Lemmons
Are You Dreaming About Your Mountain2017/11/30Thursday Bro Giovanelli
Friday Morning2017/12/01Friday Bro Giovanelli
Prepare To Meet Thy Lord2017/12/03Sunday AMPastor Donley
Sufficient Grace2017/12/03Sunday PMPastor Donley
Route 66 Numbers2017/12/06Wednesday Pastor Donley
Consider The Latter End2017/12/10Sunday AMPastor Donley
Command Your Children2017/12/10Sunday PMPastor Donley
11 Traits Of A Manly Church2017/12/10Sunday Pastor Donaley
Born To Die2017/12/13Wednesday Pastor Donley
The Rest Of His Time2017/12/17Sunday AMPastor Donley
A Question For The Simple2017/12/17Sunday PMPastor Donley
Route 66 Deuteronomy2017/12/20Wednesday Pastor Donley
Chrismas Eve2017/12/24Sunday AMPaster Donley
Christmas Eve2017/12/24Sunday PMPastor Donley
Route 66 Joshua2017/12/27Wednesday Pastor Donley
Henceforth2017/12/31Sunday AMPastor Donley
New Years Eve2017/12/31Sunday PMYoung Men
For Unto Whomsoever Much Is Given Of Him Shall Be Much Required PMPastor Donley
What Manner Of Persons Ought We Be2018/01/03Wednesday Dave Brown
Redeeming The Time2018/01/07Sunday AMPastor Donley
Redeeming The Time2018/01/07Sunday PMPastor Donley
The Crucified Life2018/01/10Wednesday Bro Luke Donley
The Lords Table2018/01/14Sunday PMPastor Donley
Route 66 Judges2018/01/17Wednesday Pastor Donley
For Unto Whomsoever Much Is Given Of Him Shall Be Much Required2018/01/21Sunday PMPastor Donley
Route 66 Ruth2018/01/24Wednesday Pastor Donley
The Fear Of The Lord2018/01/28Sunday AMPastor Donley
He Hath Done All Things Well2018/01/28Sunday PMBro Jens Heiberg
Route 66 I Samuel2018/01/31Wednesday Pastor Donley
The Night Cometh When No Man Can Work2018/02/04Sunday AMPastor Donley
Pray Without Ceasing2018/02/04Sunday PMPastor Donley
Route 66 II Samuel2018/02/07Wednesday Pastor Donley
Depth Of Gods Love2018/02/11Sunday AMPastor Donley
Love Is Of God2018/02/11Sunday PMPastor Donley
Route 66 I Kings2018/02/14Wednesday Pastor Donley
Satans Desire2018/02/18Sunday AMPastor Donley
Ye Which Are Spiritual2018/02/18Sunday PMPastor Donley